by Ben Potter 27. October 2011 15:52

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These thoughts on compassion are prompted by a sentence fragment which speaks about American society in general in 2011.  The fragment says:

                “Compassion is out of fashion; in fact, lack of compassion has become a matter of principle…”

In response to that I wonder if those who have become so “compassionless” have ever wondered what a day without God’s compassion would be like.  What would the world do without God’s compassion on display constantly?  His compassion is so intricately interwoven into all he has made; if we went without it for even a brief moment, it would mean chaos.  Psalm 145:9 says it all:

                “The Lord is good to all; he has compassion on all he has made.”

What scares me is that the virtue of compassion seems to be missing from so much of life today.  We seem to be unafraid to speak, act, and react without it, as though somehow God’s compassion will fill in all the places where we no longer care to express any.

Without our compassion to accompany the compassion of God daily life will be miserable for countless people who count on us every day to think with our hearts as well as our minds.  God chooses to not always make up for what we lack or refuse to use.  How do we go about making compassion an “in” thing in our society?



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