Tower of toilet paper helps In-Home Services, Group Homes

by Barbara Lewis 18. July 2011 11:37

Kids love playing with toilet paper, so what could be more fun than building a tower out of toilet paper rolls? That was the project of the week for the kids in Vacation Bible School at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Mt. Pleasant. Dorothy Fetting is the LSSM ambassador for the church. She suggested the idea because she knew that LSSM's In-Home Services clients need a variety of cleaning supplies. Tammy Hynes, regional director of In-Home Services, took her van to pick up the dozens of donated rolls last Friday. About 30 children, from kindergarten through sixth grade, participated in the drive. Some of the rolls were given to LSSM's group homes in the Midland area. (Do you have cleaning supplies to donate? Contact Tammy Hynes to arrange for pickup or delivery.)



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