Donor heeds appeal to help needy teen

by Barbara Lewis 1. November 2011 10:22

The plea came the week before Halloween. A client of our In-Home Services program in Saginaw was in desperate need of clothing. She is autistic, still in high school, and recently had a medication change that caused a fast and dramatic weight gain. She went from a size 9 to size 22. The girl has lived with her aunt since birth, and the care provided by Lutheran Social Services enables her to live at home, rather than in a group home or institution. But the aunt has a very limited income. She could not afford to buy the girl  a new wardrobe. Coping with her disabilities was hard enough -- now the girl also had to cope with a change in body image and clothes that didn't fit. Pastor Phil Hemke, our director of Church Relations, emailed his clergy colleagues at Bay Area ELCA churches last week to see if their congregants could help. Many of the pastors took the story to the altar that Sunday, including Pastor Kathleen Basner at Resurrection Lutheran Church in Saginaw. The very next day, Tammy Hynes, manager of In-Home Services for the mid-Michigan region, got a call from church member Pat Wolff, who was moved by the appeal. Just that morning, before church, Pat had decided to clean out her closet. Tammy went to Pat's house and picked up a large bag filled with nice clothing, which she dropped off at the girl's house that afternoon. "God is so good!" said Tammy. And so are our Lutheran Social Services supporters.




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