Filming at MapleCreek

by Megan Streng 24. February 2012 11:08

The last couple of weeks were full of excitement at MapleCreek. Two new commercials were being filmed on campus, and the residents were the stars!

The marketing team at MapleCreek decided that our current commercial could use a little more excitement, so we hired a new production company in town, Tell Tale Productions. For the commercial, we wanted to showcase all of the fun we have at MapleCreek.

Last Monday morning started in the wellness center with five residents pretending to be involved in an aerobics class and by 10 a.m. we were watching a movie in the Life Enrichment Room. From there we staged a poker game, complete with tuxedos and visors. The day ended with a pretend happy hour, although, by the looks of it, all fifteen actors for the scene were pretty happy.

The star of this commercial, Dorothy, moved through each of the scenes, dancing as if no one was watching.

Tuesday, we began in the dining room, showcasing the service that MapleCreek provides for it's residents. We filmed a scene in one of the cottage with Tom and a pretend grandchild, and a lot of cookies. We ended in the Woods, where we were able to show the comfort of healthcare on campus. 

It was an exciting couple of days, and we now we have two new exciting commercials to show for it.

On Feb. 24 we held a premeire of the new commercials for MapleCreek residents and their families, complete with a red carpet! Look for the commercials beginning March on WOOD TV, WXSP and WOTV starting Monday.


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