Terraces residents show off their Christmas decorations

by John Elmore 15. December 2011 11:38

Residents in eight apartments at The Terraces at MapleCreek opened their doors for a few hours and showed off their holiday decorations with a Christmas Open House on Wednesday, Dec. 14, 2011. "I made lots of these Swedish-style straw ornaments," said Erma Sundbeck, who shared her technique. She also told of making the Christmas tree skirt with her mother in the 1940s or 1950s. Charlotte Bishop bragged about how her husband Bob had made all of the carved and painted Santa figures on display on their shelves. Bonnie Worley happily demonstrated all the animated, muscial holiday pieces in her collection, including one that dances and sings "Frosty the Snowman." She also explained the huge Bible on her table had belonged to her great-great grandfather. "That's over 150 years old," she said. Marian Lachniet told of her enjoyment of working with ceramics for years and pointed out many examples of her handiwork in the figures on display in her living room.

Jane Donk proudly toured visitors around to show off decorations reflecting their Dutch homeland traditions, including ice skates made by her daughter hanging on the front door, and figures of Sinterklaas and his white horse, who would arrive by boat in Amsterdam on Dec. 5. Children would leave wooden shoes by the fireplace and put out straw and a cookie for the horse. The next day, St. Nicholas Day, they would get presents. "We always did it that way in our home," Jane explained. "We gave presents on Dec. 6, not on Christmas Day. That day was for worship."

Lucille Whitaker had a tall rotating tree filled to the brim with pink and white ornaments, most of which she had made. Her goal was to make a Victorian-looking tree. Shirley Giles made her ornaments, many of them out of lace or hand-sewn and stuffed. "This is one of my favorites," she said, holding up a figure of a roughhouse boy with a carefully stitched black eye. The VanPerrises showed off a simpler decor, with handmade miniature trees, humorous seated figures representing themselves, and beautiful nativity figurines.

For photos of the wonderful Christmas decorations shared by the residents at The Terraces, visit the photo album posted to the MapleCreek Facebook page.  








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