by Ben Potter 7. September 2011 13:01

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In school we were all part of certain groups.  There were the athletes and the nerds.  There were who we in the late 1960s called the “hoods” (bad kids) and the good kids.  There were cheerleaders and other cool kids and the shy, skinny or fat on the sideline kids who weren’t cool.  The group you belonged to identified you, caused you to feel good or bad about yourself, and often dictated where you ate, where you walked, to whom you talked, and at least during those years what your future looked like.

I believe adults today (and maybe always) put themselves and others into certain groupings as well.  And all the groups boil down to those who belong and those who don’t.  For those who belong life is pretty good.  For those who don’t it isn’t.  During this process, unfortunately, the group that belongs marginalizes the group that doesn’t.  And the longer this message is allowed to continue the less hopeful marginalized people feel.

The sad reality is that it is often those very folks most marginalized whom God expects us to welcome and encourage.  Is it possible for all of us to belong and none of us to feel left out?




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