Nursing home residents volunteer to help animal shelter

by Barbara Lewis 12. July 2010 15:38

Residents at Lutheran Social Services of Michigan’s Luther Haven nursing center in Detroit have begun a community service project to help cats at the Michigan Humane Society shelter. Luther Haven Activities Director Tracy Ostasiewicz volunteers for the animal protection organization. They received a huge donation of fleece and asked for volunteers to make cat blankets, and Tracy knew this was something that would appeal to her Luther Haven residents, including Jerome Miller in the photo. “The kitties lie on the blankets to sleep, but they also play with the fringes and hide toys under them,” said Tracy. Activities like this benefit the residents in many ways, said Luther Haven Administrator Leif Woodhouse. “It not only gives them something to do with their time and helps them maintain their motor skills, it also improves their sense of self-worth to know they are doing something to help less fortunate creatures in our community. This shows that everyone, even people who need to live in a skilled nursing center, can do something for others.”



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