Spring Appeal

“My mom used to say ‘you’re good for nothing’ a lot,” said Johnathan. “She was always mad at us…I think because my dad left and we didn’t have any money.” It frustrated Johnathon when his mom couldn’t stay sober and take care of him and his sisters. After his sisters were adopted without him, he was devastated. He started to argue a lot, disrespect authority and house rules, and he refused to engage with his foster family. With the help of his caseworker and foster parents, Johnathon is learning to be more positive and control his temper. “I don’t want to be bad,” said Johnathan.

You and LSSM’s many supporters do so much good… not for anything in return but for God’s grace. You rescue children like Johnathan. I pray that you will make a gift today to help another person feel wanted and worthy.

The children we serve are broken in a way that makes it hard for them to recover. Together, we have the opportunity to fill that need, rescue that heart and enable him or her to thrive. They deserve loving homes, good nutrition, resources – whatever it takes. Will you contribute to that investment today? Your generosity will help another person, who feels like nothing, to feel like something.