Annual Appeal

Chloe was a very sad, very angry little girl. She didn’t understand why she was taken away from her mom. Why was she living with strangers? Why didn’t Mommy take her home after visits? “We had some tough times. Chloe was struggling and had a lot of anger”, said her foster mom, Shell. “We tried a lot of things – including therapy – then we invited her mother, Janelle, to church with us. We had dinner together after church then she put her daughter to bed. Chloe was so happy. The more time Janelle spent in our home, the happier and better adjusted Chloe was. Our hearts were telling us that she was a good mom who loved her daughter. We knew Chloe needed to be with her mom. Finally they returned home together permanently. They are still part of our family and we love having them over for dinner each week.”

Your partnership through prayer, time, talent or treasure has impacted our mission in ways you don’t realize. It takes a village to raise a child. No matter which program you are supporting, you strengthen our ability to attract the best care-givers and help another vulnerable person in need. Will you continue your support for struggling families and children like Chloe?